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How to Apply for a Senior Citizen Certificate Online in 2023

If you are 60 years or more then you are classified as a senior citizen of the country.

As a senior citizen, the government provides various schemes to get benefits.

Life after 60 has its own pace and it is important to enjoy every moment.

In the meantime, we are taking care of our health, spending time with friends and family, and working.

We enjoy becoming more important and memorable such as planning for retirement, getting a pension from the government and exploring new phases of life, and spending quality time with loved ones.

So, to avail of such benefits offered by the government, you need to apply for a Senior Citizen Card.

Therefore, Digital Seva Kendras play an important role in providing such services on digital platforms to apply for Senior Citizen Certificate in an easy and comfortable manner where standing in long queues will be reduced.

The delay makes the process more simple and faster.

Thus, to celebrate the golden years of life and embrace those moments to the fullest, you must apply for a Senior Citizen Certificate specially issued to meet the needs of the elderly or old age senior citizens of the country.

We are going to share with you all the online process that how old people can get Senior Citizen Certificate and enjoy the benefits, privileges and concessions, financial assistance in their old age tenure.

First, gather papers that show your age and who you are.

Then, you can visit the official website of the state you belong to and apply online by filling out the application form and registering your account, and logging in.

The process of obtaining the certificate digitally online is simple and quite convenient. After completing the online form, you need to upload relevant document proof like age, domicile, state residence, and other documents as asked for.

Please keep the documents handy and ensure that all documents are verified with correct information.

When their verification is completed and the documents are uploaded successfully. This can then be verified and reviewed by government officials at your residence.

Once this is done, the card/certificate will be easily available online and you can easily download the document. It takes around 10 – 15 days to process to get the Ease Card or Senior Citizen Card.

This certificate issued by the Government of India is proof that you are a senior citizen and you can use it to get certain things.

For example – the Elderly Senior Citizen ID card allows the cardholder to avail of several facilities like discounts on railway tickets and flight tickets.

The population of senior citizens in India is increasing rapidly due to their better health and medical facilities.

Aging people face many physical challenges, many health problems, and even become inactive.

Thus, the Government of India provides several benefits that can be availed by using an identity card called Senior Citizen ID Card or Certificate.


As we all know that in today’s increasing inflation, a person spends his whole life working and raising a family.

In such a situation, those people do not know anything left for their old age, but through the old age schemes of the Government of India, today every old person can take advantage of this facility and can also take pensions.

If you also want to make a Senior Citizen Certificate for yourself or any of your elders, then Digital India Portal is at the forefront of providing this facility to you.

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